Master Key Week 16 – Kindness week

This week we are to observe and complete random acts of kindness.  For this week, to maintain our scholarship we are required to enter our kindness comments daily under Kindnessess section in the Alliances area.  I have really enjoyed this assignment.  The goal this week was to break the old record of 4177 comments.  Personally I had no doubt that this record was going down.  As I am writing my blog on Thursday, January 11, 2018 we are at 4323!!  The old record is history, but I am not satisfied.  Mark’s ultimate goal this week is to get to 8000.  This is such a positive assignment.  How can we reach the ultimate goal?  To me it is not just about the number it is what is represents.  To me it is expanding kindness in the world.

Dog, Girl, Retriever, Golden, Friendship

This week I have been focusing on kindness.  I have noticed that I am more positive, happy, grateful and enjoying my days even more.  I have also noticed my awareness for kindnesses expanding.  Some that have mentioned people holding doors, getting to go in traffic and making others job easier by putting shopping carts back in the holding rack.  My awareness in these areas has vastly increased.  I will also give you another example.  I deliver pizzas and there is a $3.49 charge for delivery, most customers give me a tip in addition to the delivery charge which I consider a kindness.  The more we think about kindness it is going to increase (Law of Growth).  Just imagine how much better it will be if we expand others’ awareness of kindness?

I hope you all have a great week and my hope for you all is that you are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Healthy, Harmonious and Happy!!




8 thoughts on “Master Key Week 16 – Kindness week”

  1. Delivering pizza is interesting. I did it for a brief stint. Never know what to expect from people. Am sure kindness week must be great for you. I don’t ever want to leave this week myself! Thanks for the blog and your thoughts!


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