Master Key Week 18 – Puzzle Pieces

What I am I pretending not to know?   What do I want?  What would the person I intend to become do next?  Hmmm  Good question.   What would he do?  Persist at figuring it out?  Focus on it during sits, ponder the question during the day.  This is definitely a work in progress that I plan on continuing.

I feel like a jigsaw puzzle.   I have the puzzle almost all together but I can’t get the last few pieces to fit.

Heart, Love, Puzzle, Missing Part

I look back to when I started this journey on September 24, 2017 until now.  I see an enormous change.  I am more positive, happier.  Yesterday when I was out working I caught myself whistling.  I never used to whistle!!   This morning my Sweetie even said to me that she has noticed positive changes in me!!

I wanted to share a couple of gratitudes.  This morning my Sweetie said do you hear the birds outside and I said now that you mentioned it yes.  It made me  think spring is getting close.   A few hours later Cristina from Belgium shared on Marco Polo birds chirping and she was excited Spring is coming!!  I thought that was cool.  She also shared her Violin audition which was excellent!!  I was so happy she shared it.

The other thing I am really grateful for is thinking of the friendships I am developing.  In the United States (this is off the top of my head) I have friends  in Washington, California, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Hawaii and Florida.  I also have friends, in Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Romania!!  Isn’t that cool?

My wish for you is that you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, harmonious & happy!!

Have a great week!!

Love & Peace






4 thoughts on “Master Key Week 18 – Puzzle Pieces”

  1. I think it is very cool that you are gaining friends worldwide. Amazing what we gain when we simply open up to what is there. I haven’t heard the birds yet, but I am looking forward to it now that you mentioned it as well. Thanks!

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