Master Key Week 20 – What am I missing?

I have read this lesson over and over again.  It is a very powerful lesson yet I am having a difficult time with it because I feel like I am missing something.  I am part of the Universal Mind, I am part of the whole.  My thoughts are going to determine my life.  I get it, if I think positive thoughts I will reap positive results and negative thoughts will lead me to negative results.

The infinite power is all around us this beautiful power is always present.  We just need to plug into the right frequency.

I keep on reading the last part of Paragraph 19 and I just feel I am missing something.

Power implies service; inspiration implies power; to understand and apply the method of inspiration is to become a superman.

I put this question out there on a Marco Polo group and Davene kindly responded with an example.  You were inspired to feed the stray cats at your work,  that is the power you were in service by feeding the cats.

Solve, Jigsaw, Problem, Concept

I talked to my Sweetie about this, I read paragraph 19 to her and had her listen to both my and Davene’s Marco Polo and she said.   You were inspired to feed the cats because it brings you joy.  You like giving because you like seeing the looks on the people’s faces.   That is it!!!      When she said it, I started to tear up.  That is it!!!   That is what I want to do.   I want to find something that I can do that I can see the happiness and joy in people’s lives.

Handshake Regard Cooperate Connect Unite C

I knew there was something in this chapter that was important and I just wasn’t connecting the dots.   Thank you Davene and Sweetie!!   I wouldn’t have figured it out without both of you.

As always my wish for you is that you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, healthy, harmonious and happy.

With Love,




2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 20 – What am I missing?”

  1. Paul thank you for paragraph 19…I am still trying to understand the first sentence…”Do not confuse these methods with those of the clairvoyant; they have nothing in common.” You have the rest clear for me.


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