Master Key Week 24 – The Final Week

Wow!!  6 months ago I started this journey.  What an experience a lot of ups and downs.  I have found  a lot of cement coming off during this six months.  I have a lot more cement to break through as it has really been “caked on” during my 56 years of life on this earth.  However, every day I look to improve, break a little chunk of cement off and eventually that gold will shine bright.  I noticed I have become more aware of my feelings and try to really go inside of myself to figure out why.   I am having a lot less negative thoughts than I use to.  When I do have them I immediately think of the Blueprint Builder, “A negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.”  When I started this course I definitely leaned toward the negative.  I am definitely more positive and every day I am improving at kicking those negative peptides to the curb.  I am so grateful to continue this life long journey!!

I am also grateful for the friendships I have developed around the world, such as Alejandro from Mexico, Cristina from Brussels, and Peter from Romania!!

I am grateful for Mark and Davene for developing this course and always looking for ways to improve it.  I am also grateful for Dayna’s Marco Polo group and the friendships that have been developed and the feedback that I have received from the group it has been fantastic!!  By the way if you get snow in your area be sure to show Dayna through Marco Polo she absolutely loves it and she always responds.  You will be happy you did!!  (Give more Get More!!)

I am looking forward to our Commencement Webinar this afternoon and am very, very, very grateful for my Sweetie letting me attend it on HER BIRTHDAY!!

Let’s keep growing, improving and increasing our awareness and as we march toward 30,000 (and beyond) self directed thinkers!!  The world definitely needs this information!!!  (I know I did!!)

My wish for everyone is that you are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Healthy, Harmonious and Happy!!

Rose, Roses, Flower, Flowers, Woman






2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 24 – The Final Week”

  1. Paul, So much Gold above! I’m with you. I am 53 and I’ve buried myself alive basically with a ton of cement and I now have certains wisdoms. My biggest being around a negative mindset and providing daily kindnesses. This was a huge lesson. I’m so glad you created a global mastermind of self-directed thinkers.
    Thank you for posting and sharing. Best of Everything! charles


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