Master Key Week 7 A Work In Progress

This has been a very challenging week.  I am still playing catch-up from last week after not having power for three days.  I still need to finish my Movie Board and I just finished my 2nd read of the Law of Compensation.  However, I have looked up every word that I didn’t know (believe me there were a ton!!) and I have written the definitions down so the third read will hopefully be done by Sunday’s webinar.  To be honest if it isn’t I am OK with it because Mark said to read it like your looking for a treasure so I really plan on taking my time reading it and let every work soak in.

On Sunday I got my compass.  Hand, Light, Compass, Dark, Nature

On the Sunday webinar we were informed we are going on a 7 day mental diet.  (yeah right, it is going to be a lot more than 7 days!!)  Every time we have a negative thought in our mind for 7 seconds we have to reset back to Day 1.  Here it is Thursday and I am still on Day 1.  On Monday, I was just full of negative thoughts and I kept resetting.  On Tuesday I had an idea to start wearing my compass and every time I had a negative thought I would touch my compass and think of something that I want to materialize on my DMP.  Don’t get me wrong I still had a lot of negative thoughts but at least now these types of thoughts were not as long in duration.  On Wednesday I noticed an improvement in my thoughts toward people.  However, I noticed negative thoughts about myself and as a result a little down.   I have a few goals on my DMP that I am doubting.  I know it is the peptides trying to surface and put me in a pity potty.  When I got home last night I received a little package from my guide Lorelei.  Inside was a magnifying glass and a compass with a note.  “If you make a decision to do something make sure you complete it.”  And a little note from Dr. Seuss

Sometimes life is bumpy and blue,
filled with gobs of goo-gunk
and sticky-ick stew.
But you'll find your way
and you'll pull yourself through.
You're stupendously strong!
But, mostly you're YOU!

So I have a choice I can think negative or I can think positive.  I can think why I can’t attain items on my DMP or take that pinpoint concentration of the magnifying glass and focus on how am I going to attain the items on my DMP.

I can certainly understand why that 7 Day Mental Diet is so important.  Focusing on the positive instead of negative, the only possible result is success.

Now it is time for me to getting busy catching up.  🙂  I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am glad that we are all on this journey together!!



Master Key Week 6 A Work in Progress

This has been a very interesting week.   My son came to visit from London as he had to go to his grandmother’s funeral.  Negative but also positive.  I had to pick him up in New Hampshire Monday morning.  Sunday night we had that nasty storm come through our area and somewhere after midnight Monday October 30th we lost power.  Usually I get up go for a walk come back home turn the coffee on and hit the shower get my Sweetie’s and my coffee and start my morning reading and sit.  This process was definitely turned upside down this week.  I still went for my two mile walk.  Came home couldn’t make coffee (negative), could take a hot shower (positive) because have gas hot water.  With the house pitch black I couldn’t do my readings but I could do my sit which I did.  Then went to Dunkin Donuts and got our coffees.   had money to get then  and it is only a 5 minute walk away (positive).   Came home and once it was light enough I got my morning readings in (positive).  Left for New Hampshire to pick up my son.  Got there early to get my noon readings in (positive) however, they also got there early so I couldn’t complete them (negative).   However, once we got back from New Hampshire I was able to complete my afternoon readings (positive).  We still had no power so my evening readings I had to do in my car.  Got up Tuesday morning and still no power same drill did walk, shower, sit, went to Dunkin for coffees.  When my son went in the shower I was able to do my morning readings, afternoon readings were no issue to get in.  Nighttime readings a little challenging, however I used a spotlight in my car for the nighttime readings.  It made it a lot easier.  When I got back in the house my Sweetie and son asked “What were you doing with the spotlight?”  I was reading why?  You kept on shining it at the window.  Well I had to do my readings with enthusiasm so I guess I got carried away.  🙂

Virtual Reality, 3D, Virtual, Reality

We also got talking about not having power and I noticed I kept on seeing the positive, well at least we have hot and running water.  Also when I picked up my son in New Hampshire.  I had to see my ex-wife for the first time in 20 years.  It was very cordial and she thanked me for the kind words I said about her mother on one of my Facebook comments.  I told her both your mother and father were very nice people I have nothing but fond memories of both of them.   I just want to mention this here when my son was visiting he told us that his grandmother asked to be put in a Nursing Home because she didn’t want to be a burden to her daughters and she was lonely.  Well when she died, as she was being wheeled out which the residents have seen many times, they stood my their doors and clapped and gave her a standing ovation.  My son (Ben) told me that the Nursing Home Staff said that is the first time they had ever seen that.  She was a special lady.

Wednesday morning still no power and had to get laundry done.   Got my sit in and all my morning readings in before we went to laundromat.  Got my afternoon readings in.  We still had no power in the house, so I was going to bring my son back around 6:00pm to Logan, but because we had no power we left about two hours earlier (negative).  However, when we got there we missed the turn and we were able to find our way in the daylight instead of nighttime (positive).

When I got back home I stopped for a bite and went to Dunkin for a hot coffee to keep me warm sitting in a cold house.  I was home about 15 minutes and I heard a beep.  Could it be?  I turned my light switch on and YES!!!  I had power!!!  I was able to do my nighttime readings for the first time in a few nights in the comfort of my own home!!!  (positive)  My Sweetie and I got to talking when she got home from work about 1/2 hour after the power came on and she asked “How did you feel seeing Heather?” (my ex-wife).   I told her I married her it was my decision, I have no one to blame but me.  I just couldn’t make her happy (negative) but I did get two great in-laws and some fond memories of them out of the marriage.  (positive)

Thursday is a scheduled day off from work so now that I have power, I am able to play catch up.  (positive)  I have already submitted my revised DMP, shared a Blog on Twitter and commented on a few blogs.

The bottom line from my wordy blog is this.  I usually will look at the negative side of things but these week has shown that I focusing more on the positive.  And that is definitely a Work in Progress.

Master Key Week 5 A work in progress

Well here we are in week 5 and I am still here.  After the Sunday night webinar I felt pretty overwhelmed.  Man, Face, Psychosis, Head, Hands

I have to admit.

My daily requirements are:

Read the Master Key

Read Greatest Salesman 3 times daily

Read Blueprint Builder at least once daily

Read my DMP three times a day.

Read the Giving, Service and DMP index cards 3 times daily.

Then I have to figure out how to share a blog.  I have to post a blog by Friday and I have to write a Press Release about someone interviewing us after we had achieved our DMP by Thursday!!  Yikes!!

I got on the Digital Solutions webinar Monday night and got my question answered on how to share a blog.  (Thank You Davene, GG & Dayna).  I kept up with my readings for the week.  Thursday is my day off and I got up this morning and told my Sweetie I have a bunch of work to do today.  She asked what I had to do.  I have to write a Press Release, I have to share a Blog, I have to comment on Blogs and I have to do my readings.

Well she left for work, I went on to the Blog Roll and found people in my group that I had to comment on.  I went to Clay Enos’ Blog, as he has such a fantastic last name 🙂 I left him a comment and then went into Twitter and shared his Blog.  Clay congratulations your my first Blog share!! 🙂  I then commented on a few other Blogs in my group.  I started to work on my Press Release around 9:00am to 9:30am and I finally got it posted around 3:00pm (EST) this afternoon.  You can read my Press Release at

I took about an 1 1/2 hr break from the Press Release to watch Mark’s webinar for Grow90Grow.  You can read my Press Release at

I am noticing something happening to me.  Meditation, Mandala, Sunrise, Artwork

Usually when I get a lot on my plate I will put it off or in this case do something quick to maintain my scholarship.  I didn’t do that today.  I was up at 5:15am, I went for my 2 mile walk which I made a commitment to complete three times a week on October 12, 2017 (I always keep my promises.) I am yet to miss a day.  Today was my 15th consecutive day completing the walk.  (BTW I missed my best time by 0.85 seconds).  I also did my morning Greatest Salesman and Master Key readings and my 15 minute sit.  I was really dreading the Press Release because my writing isn’t my strongest suit.  I also wasn’t sure who I was going to have interview me or how it would play out.  However, I worked at it and I did my best!!  I am proud of it.  I also got a little emotional at the end.

I also submitted my revised DMP this week.  It is coming along a few minor updates but I am really starting to visualize everything on the DMP.  With the Press Release today I am also confident that my DMP is on the right track.

I am so thankful for the person who paid my scholarship and I am grateful that I am able to Pay it forward.

I am glad we are all on this journey together.


Master Key Week 4 A work in Progress

I would like to share something that happened this morning.  On my DMP I have written down “It makes my heart soar that my Sweetie & I will be attending the Master Key Experience in Kauai in June 2018.”  While we were having our coffee I made a comment about going to Hawaii in June and she said something that translated to her not believing we would be going.  I told her “we will be going and to start planning for it.”  I told her that you have to believe.  I shared with her a connection that I had discovered and I want to share it here.  I have been listening to CDs when I am making my deliveries at my day job.  On the CD set I have been listening to one person said I heard these words at a seminar that totally rocked my world.  “The size of your success is based on the size of your belief.”  On another CD I heard, “Our belief system is based on our evaluation of something and frequently if we evaluate a situation our belief about that situation will change.”  “If you don’t believe you are cooked.” Also on all of Mark J’s emails he signs it “believe”.

Every day I listen to the Master Key Audio for the week and follow along.  This week Mark J. did the reading and this week was a personal breakthrough for him.  I haven’t had a breakthrough yet. However, I BELIEVE I am going to have a breakthrough.  I BELIEVE the investment of time I am putting into the Master Key Experience is going to reap huge dividends.

Oh, by the way, about an hour after our conversation my Sweetie asked me “Do you want to get matching pajamas?”  I said NO!! FYI I don’t wear pajamas.  She said “Are you sure?  They say BELIEVE on them.  I may have to start wearing pajamas.  The ad randomly popped up on her Facebook.  Who am I to argue with the universe?

Board, School, Teaching, Students, Study

As far as week 4 I am starting to link things together.  I can see that the Master Key reading had points in it that tied to the Blueprint Builder.  This week we changed our “chore” card to “service” card.  In 21 of the Master Key reading it stated. The more we give the more we shall get; (Blueprint Builder Point 5) we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity.  The Universal is constantly seeking to express itself, to be of SERVICE  and it seeks the channel whereby it can find the greatest activity, where it can do the most good, where it can be of the greatest SERVICE to mankind.



Master Key Week 3 A work in Progress

I have been consistent with my morning readings of the Greatest Salesman, Master Key, my DMP, Blueprint Builder, Index cards and my morning sit.  I have noticed a few things.  First when I go to work in the morning I notice that I am in a great mood.  Second when I first started doing my readings out loud (DMP, Index Cards Greatest Salesman) at home I was very self-conscious / embarrassed to do them.  Now I do not care, I enjoy doing them they invigorate me and put me in a good mood.  I also have a copy of my DMP in my car and when I was about to start my afternoon reading earlier this week I noticed some people that were going to walk by,  I started my reading anyway.  I can feel it in my heart that this is the real thing and I know the payoff is going to be huge.  It already has made a difference I already feel more alive than I have felt in years!!

Mind, Peace, Peace Of Mind, Unity

I talked to my wife (Sweetie) this past Sunday  for preparation of the week and asked what she wanted to do this week.  She said she didn’t know so we never finalized anything.  Well Thursday is my day off so this morning she said “I thought of something we can do tonight, we can do to Panera Bread after I get out of work”  So I am looking forward to our date tonight.  However, I realize I need to get better at writing my week’s schedule down.  “If it isn’t written it isn’t true!”


Master Key Week 2 A work in progress

Was so excited to attend the Digital Solutions webinar on Monday, October 2, 2017 for about five minutes then got very overwhelmed when the Fab Davene was showing how to complete a blog in WordPress and I had no idea of what was going on.  I was hearing that voice in my head this isn’t what you did, you did it wrong! Just give up!!  Even though I was overwhelmed I just stuck with the webinar (I am going to break that old Blueprint!!) and realized I had set my blog up under website which as I turns out they are having technical issues with.

After I heard this I was relieved and overwhelmed at the same time.  Now I am thinking crap, now I have to setup WordPress, and I lost the two blogs I posted for Week 1.  I am also realizing, man I still have to read the Greatest Salesman, my DMP and the Blueprint Builder.  I admit I left the webinar after about 1 hour and 15 minutes and did my readings, then oops, I didn’t do my index readings, so I got those in.  Before I go to bed, I check the Master Key Experience checklist on my phone and make sure I did everything for the day.  The index cards are not listed on the checklist so I am going to need to include them when I do my readings of the Greatest Salesman.

Let’s forward to today October 3, 2017 at 8:30am as I am writing this post. My normal routine is to get up around 5:30am, turn on the coffee and after my normal routine of shower & shaving I get my coffee and immediately sit down and read the Master Key assignment in the workbook and follow along on the Master Key with the audio  (I seem to get a lot more out of it than reading it on my own).  I then complete my first reading of the Greatest Salesman and / or do my 15 minute sit.  This takes me to around 7:00am.  I then decided to get this WordPress blog started.  I went to the Master Key website selected the “Magic Three Dots” chose “Digital Solutions” then “Digital Solutions How to” and followed along with “The Fab Davene” I paused the video and followed the instructions, (open, create account, write blog etc.) I thought this was very straightforward.  This only took me about a half hour tops to get the new blog going.

Now here is what I am excited about!!!

I figured out how to get my old blog posts from training solutions website into WordPress.

I listed the instructions I used to complete this task in case someone had the same issue and needed some assistance.  If someone has another method please feel free to comment

I opened

Logged in with my email and password

Selected “Blog”

Selected “Posts” then “All Posts”

Selected the entire Post (Ctrl A on Windows) and copied (Ctrl C on Windows)

Open WordPress

Select My Site

Select “Add” next to “Blog Post”

Click in the box below Paragraph so your cursor is blinking in the box and Paste (Ctrl P) on Windows.

I just retyped the Title from the previous post in the Title Box

Now to get my WordPress blog address to my Guide Lorelei so I can be included in the Blog Roll!!




Master Key Week 1 – Work in Progress

Originally submitted on September 29, 2017 on Training Solutions website

Wow!! I just submitted my DMP This was such a challenge for me to complete. I am looking forward to receiving feedback. As I was reading it I was getting an excited feeling that I have so much to look forward to next year!! Maybe it’s a little piece of the cement coming off?

I found something that I thought was interesting. I downloaded the Master Key Experience App on my phone and have been checking it to make sure I have been doing my readings every day. Yesterday I noticed a Stats tab and clicked it and noticed I had not completed any tasks. I viewed the tasks and discovered if I clicked on a task I got a green check mark for the task.

Also just received an email from my certified guide who is going to help me with my DMP!!