Master Key Week 1 – Work in Progress

Originally submitted on September 29, 2017 on Training Solutions website

Wow!! I just submitted my DMP This was such a challenge for me to complete. I am looking forward to receiving feedback. As I was reading it I was getting an excited feeling that I have so much to look forward to next year!! Maybe it’s a little piece of the cement coming off?

I found something that I thought was interesting. I downloaded the Master Key Experience App on my phone and have been checking it to make sure I have been doing my readings every day. Yesterday I noticed a Stats tab and clicked it and noticed I had not completed any tasks. I viewed the tasks and discovered if I clicked on a task I got a green check mark for the task.

Also just received an email from my certified guide who is going to help me with my DMP!!


Master Key Experience Week 1 A work in progress

Originally submitted September 27, 2017 on Trainingsolutionsllc website

Was on the Webinar for 3 1/2 hours on Sunday, then find out during the call I need to write out the Blueprint Builder (aka Self-Confidence Formula) and need to read the greatest Salesman one more time so I would have my three readings in for the day. Also found out I needed to download the Master Key App to my smart phone. Wrote out the Blueprint Builder, downloaded the Master Key app and did my 3rd reading of the greatest salesman right after the webinar. Old blueprint you are going down!!

Monday got up and before leaving for work. I had read the “Greatest Salesman” The Blueprint Builder Out loud and the Master Key and did my 15 minute sit. I was nervous going into the 15 minute sit as I had some issues with it during the Think and Grow Rich course. However, this time I just told myself I am going to do this I know I can do it, AND I DID!! I also did my reading of the “Greatest Salesman” at lunch and did 3rd reading at night Out loud with the Blueprint Builder. Checked the Master Key app and did everything on the list except for DMP as I have not started it yet. Tried to listen to the Master Key recording on my phone but it wasn’t really loud enough so I remembered the webinar how it was suggested that you could follow along with the Master Key recording. I will try that tomorrow!!

Tuesday got up and again before work read the “Greatest Salesman” and Blueprint Builder and did my successful 15 minute sit. I also did my reading of the Master Key by following along with the recording. In my opinion this is definitely the way to go.

Wednesday starting to get into a routine of getting my readings done before work and I have also decided to leave my “Greatest Salesman” book in the car so I can get the lunch time reading in.

Almost had a heart attack I had to log back in and couldn’t find my blog I had saved in drafts. However, once I selected All Posts it was there. Phew!!

My next project is to start working on my DMP and get my initial draft submitted tomorrow as I have tomorrow off from work.