Press Release

It was a beautiful sunny day about 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.  My Sweetie and I were out driving in my brand new Chevy Cruze with the Sun Roof open and we were still enjoying the new car smell as we just purchased the car a few days ago.  We decided to go for a spontaneous ride to New Hampshire just to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.  We were up in North Conway and of course she wanted to go shopping in the outlets.  Image result for north conway outlet images I asked her do you mind if I go grab a cup of coffee?  She said no go have your corfee (yup, she always picks on my Rhode Island accent) I am not in the mood for one right now.  I dropped her off and said just call me when you are done and I will pick you up.

I drove across the street to Dunkin Donuts, got my usual extra large hot, regular cream, one sweet & low, the cup was very hot.  I was going to sit down inside, but it was such a gorgeous day I decided to sit outside.  I found a bench sat down and pulled the tab back on the lid and took that very careful first sip as the coffee was piping hot.  I was so relaxed and comfortable with the sun beating on my neck, when I noticed someone walking up to me,  he looked at me kind of strange, he wasn’t smiling, his mind looked like it was somewhere else and he said excuse me but are you Paul Enos, I said yes, sir I am.  He said you may not remember me but I am your old blueprint.  He asked do you mind if I join you.  I said please do.  He sat down next to me wearing jeans, sneakers and a Dustin Pedroia Red Sox shirt he had his own Dunkin Donuts coffee after taking a sip he asked me.  Man, you look so relaxed I don’t ever remember seeing you like this.  What I remember is you were always worrying about bills and always had a bunch of what if’s and your mind was always wandering what changed.  I said, you know that is a good question.  Let me think about it for a minute.  I sat back took a sip of my coffee, (still very hot).

Me – You know I think I started changing back on September 24, 2017, that was the day I started the Master Key Experience Program.

Old Blueprint – What is it about.

Me – It’s about living from within instead of the world without.

Old Blueprint – What do you mean?

Me – Whatever we have in our life is the result of our thoughts.  We have the ability to choose the life we want to live

Old Blueprint – So you mean the worrying about finances can cause future problems?

Me – Absolutely and choosing to think positive thoughts can bring about positive changes.  See that car over there?

Old Blueprint – Yes

Me – I just purchased it free and clear

Old Blueprint – How?

Me – When I started the course I had to develop a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) it was a New Blueprint of how I wanted my life to be.  It was a lot of work getting you out of my head.  On the DMP I listed things I wanted to happen and one of things I listed was that particular vehicle, I also included a picture of the vehicle.  I read that DMP every day at least 3x a day and I saw that vehicle every time I read it.  I read it so often that I believed I would have it and I got it.  I also got to go to the Master Key Experience in Hawaii Kee Beach


where Mark Januszewski one of the creators of the Master Key gave me signed copies of both his books “Standing Tall” and “Joey the Giraffe Stands Tall”


I also got to go England and spend Christmas with my son, his wife and grandkids.  I also got to see my Sweetie’s excitement as she got to visit Buckingham Palace.

Image result for buckingham palace images

Old Blueprint – What do you mean I was a lot of work getting me out of your head?

Me – Don’t take offense, it’s not your fault, you didn’t know.  You had a lot of baggage that you inherited from family, friends co-workers, etc.  When this course started I had to do the following:

-Read the Greatest Salesman 3x /day once out loud

-Read Blueprint Builder 1 to 2 times per day out loud.  I do it 3x daily

-Develop a DMP and revise it as instructed by my guide and read out loud 3x daily

-Sit for a minimum of 15 minutes, not moving.   I now do a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

-Read the Master Key weekly reading every day

– Learn how to use WordPress, Twitter and develop Blogs and share other people’s blogs and comment on them..

-Read Index Cards out loud at least 3x daily.  Every week we added a new chore, service and something to advance our DMP.  On the bottom of the cards we put “I always keep my promises”

I thought the course developers Mark & Davene Januszewski had a real fetish for Index cards and I am glad that they did.

I also had another Index Card that was “I can be what I will to be” I would read this card Out loud 3x a day and I would chant it whenever I thought of it when I was out delivering pizzas.

Old Blueprint- That seems like it was a lot to do.  How much time did you spend?

Me – Doing the required readings and sit about 1 hour in the morning and fifteen minutes in the afternoon and fifteen minutes before bed.

Old Blueprint – You spent that much time every day doing that?  I could never picture you being that committed.

Me – I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You know go to work, come home, watch TV go to bed.  I wanted more.  What also helped was when I got into this course it only cost me $1 because some kind person gave me a pay it forward scholarship.

Old Blueprint – Seriously?

Me – Yes and because I got this scholarship I promised myself I would complete the course because it wouldn’t be fair to the person that didn’t get a scholarship because of me.

Old Blueprint – You do look good, you seem healthy and relaxed.

Me – Thanks, when I started the course there was a saying on one of the index cards, it stated “Do it now” I had to say it 25 times, twice per day.  On one of my earlier DMP revisions I wrote on October 12, 2017 I promise to walk two miles three times per week and it was a Thursday and I thought how am I going to get 3 walks in this week as it ends on Sunday.  Well I said “Do it Now” and I always keep my promises so I put the pen down and went for my walk.  It has become a good habit and I usually walk every day unless there is snow or ice.  As far as relaxed, I am, I don’t take myself so seriously, I can laugh at myself, I don’t worry about what if this or that.  I want something, I make a decision to do it and I keep working until I get it.  I love me, I love other people and I don’t worry about what they are thinking.  I just want to help other people improve their lives and they know I am sincere and they respond positively with my Network Marketing Business.

Old Blueprint – Well I got to get going, but it was great seeing you.

Me – Thanks for stopping Old Blueprint.  I really enjoyed talking to you, and thank you for helping me realize how far I am come.  I really appreciate it.

Old Blueprint – Your welcome, take care!!

Just then my Sweetie calls:

Me – Hey Sweetie you will never guess who I ran into.

Sweetie – Who?

Me – My Old Blueprint

Sweetie – Wow, there is such a difference between that Old Blueprint and you!!  I am so glad you invested those six months into the Master Key course.  It was so worth it!!